What you Believe Becomes Reality

What would you do if you could not fail? Why do you undervalue and underprice your work? Why do you accept the belief system that has been installed in you?

“Master Mind: Unlocking Your True Potential” AIGA Design Conference 2019.
This is an interactive talk on how to break free of your “limiting beliefs” and how to conquer your critical inner voice. Includes exercises—an examination on how we assign meaning to events and how we can transform negative events into positive outcomes.

1:11​ The start of the talk
2:07​ Why do some people succeed while others fail?
3:15​ Story of a designer who can’t find a way to charge more
5:09​ What was the reason that helps her to pivot?
5:57​ Part 1. Belief System
6:13​ The cycle of your identity
7:55​ The belief system of people who fails
8:51​ Your life is shaped by how you look at things
11:09​ Example of how we see things in life
11:30​ Part 2. Story Teller
12:17​ Does the story you tell yourself match what others say about you?
13:49​ three exercises to find out your true identity.
14:34​ How we should treat our feeling? What story you should tell to yourself?
15:17​ Part 3. Word Jitsu
18:18​ What will you get when you choose the SAFE way?
18:34​ Part 4. Re:action
18:48​ What you should say to yourself when something bad happens
20:50​ Real example of how to change your emotion
23:06​ The time when Chris got scammed
25:28​ Part 5. Incomplete Sentences
26:43​ Part 6. Enemy Within
27:23​ Who is your real enemy?
29:12​ Three-Step Exercise to conquer your inner voice.
33:40​ How to become a valuable employee in your company?
34:31​ Resources