Cybersecurity: 5 Tips to Protect Your Business from Hackers  

Cybersecurity has become a major concern for entrepreneurs in the last few years. According to a Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) study, 16% of small businesses in Canada were the target of a cyberattack in the 12 months leading up to November 20211. That’s why businesses need to implement robust measures to protect their data. Here are five practical tips to shore up your cybersecurity.

1. Use virtual private networks (VPNs)

Because they are not properly secured or safe, public wireless networks are the gateway of choice for cybercriminals. If your employees have to work remotely, encourage them to use a VPN. This tunnel of protection encrypts the data and keeps hackers from being able to access sensitive or confidential information stored on your computers.

2. Educate your employees on phishing scams

Phishing techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and everyone on your team needs to know the red flags to watch out for. As a preventive measure, give your employees cybersecurity training.⁠ This will make it easier for them to spot a suspicious email. Also make sure that all staff members install an antivirus software program on their workstation, and enable automatic updates to ensure the protection is always current.

3. Update your software on a regular basis

It’s not just antivirus software that needs to be regularly updated. Other software programs do as well! Why? Hackers can take advantage of unpatched security breaches to infiltrate your company’s system. Updates usually fix security vulnerabilities while also introducing new features, which is beneficial for your business.

4. Use physical security devices

Nowadays, more and more employees are using a laptop for work, since it offers greater flexibility. However, this reality, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic, poses certain risks. Encourage your team members to lock their device when they are not using it. Also, advise them not to leave sensitive information up on the screen where people can see it. One way to do so is to use a screen saver that requires a password to log back in and choosing a strong password for it.

5. Control the use of peripheral devices

Did you know that USB keys and external hard drives can be attack vectors? Limit the use of these devices as a safety measure. If that is not possible, have your employees scan the removable devices with the antivirus software. That way, you will save yourself a lot of trouble, and your wallet will thank you.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. By following these tips, you will make your business more resistant to cyber threats. Of course, it’s important to always stay vigilant. Give your IT security teams regular training and stay on the lookout for new solutions and protections to be able to better handle any cybersecurity challenges that arise.

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