The flexibility Hedhofis offers is a major asset

Today, businesses and self-employed workers need to be able to quickly adapt to change. This can include renting spaces from Hedhofis, which offers the most flexible packages that will contribute to your prosperity.

Wide variety of possible configurations

Hedhofis offers a full range of collaborative and coworking spaces tailored to your needs.
Is your business booming? Set your team up in a dedicated, open-plan space. Hedhofis also has closed offices if you prefer. No matter which you choose, your employees will discover all the benefits of working in a stimulating environment. Our collaborative spaces are designed to foster team spirit and allow small businesses that favour telework to easily hold meetings.
Self-employed and working from home, but looking to get out of the house? With our private offices, you get the privacy you need to welcome clients in a professional setting. You can also opt for a dedicated workstation with access to meeting rooms. And our virtual offices are the ideal solution for nomadic workers who need flexibility.
Hedhofis even has recording studios with high-performance equipment you can use to record a podcast.

Strategic locations

Aware of how important it is for businesses to be strategically located, Hedhofis has workspaces in key locations so you can be where your target market is. Already well-established in Montréal, Québec City, Brossard, Longueuil and Sherbrooke, Hedhofis is continuing to expand in order to offer your business and teams even more locations.

To each their own package

Whether you decide to opt for a collaborative space or a private office, Hedhofisdifferent packages will have an option that meets your needs. Hedhofis also allows you to adapt your package as your needs evolve, to always best support your growth.

An advantageous commitment period

Are you planning to start a business and want to have access to an office for a few months as you finalize the agreements with your partners? Do you want to set up satellite offices closer to your clients to better meet their long-term needs? With Hedhofis, you can rent collaborative and coworking spaces for a time period that suits your specific situation.
Contact us today for more information on the flexibility we offer. We’ll help you find your new workspace.