Coworking space for start-up

A stimulating place to propel your start-up’s growth

If your mind is percolating with innovative ideas, you’ll need to sift through and organize them to be able to take the best ones to the next level. Step out of your basement office into a coworking space that’s as stimulating as your dreams for your business.

A Hedhofis coworking space is the perfect place to launch or grow a start-up. In addition to being as energized as you are, it offers all the flexibility you could want in a modern, professional setting.

That’s what Gabriel, Sébastien and Véronique did when they launched their mobile app development studio recently. The three partners started their business in Gabriel’s basement but soon realized that it wasn’t well-suited to their needs. Not only was the space cramped and cluttered, they also felt isolated, far from all the action. Not to mention that their videoconferences with clients looked quite amateurish, like students attending online class over Zoom. They needed to get out of the basement and find a more suitable space.

The young entrepreneurs moved their fledgling business to Hedhofis Old Montréal on McGill Street, in the heart of the old city. All three can access it easily, even from the South Shore. They can get there by bike, on foot or by metro at any time of day, and they can go out to eat or go for a run to clear their head whenever the mood strikes.

A professional office at an affordable cost

Above all, Hedhofis gives them access to a state-of-the-art office space without having to sign a costly long-term lease. Coworking offers greater flexibility by offering short-term commitments.

The three young entrepreneurs are thus able to reduce their expenses while having access to a private office, meeting and conference rooms, and even a reception service. Thanks to Hedhofis, they work in comfortable, well-lit and well-appointed facilities.

It’s a solution that meets their needs and can be adjusted as their microbusiness grows.
What about when a client meeting comes up at the last minute, throwing off the schedule? No problem! The entrepreneurs can use a meeting room at any Hedhofis location free of charge. When a client is from outside Montréal, they propose a meeting on the South Shore, at Hedhofis Sainte-Julie, an ideal meeting point.

Forging bonds

Coworking not only gives the trio a pleasant workspace, it gives them an opportunity to meet new people, develop relationships and organically grow their network of contacts.

Working in a collaborative office space helps increase productivity and even growth, as it fosters interaction with other entrepreneurs.
Things are going so well that Gabriel, Sébastien and Véronique are even thinking of hiring another employee by the end of the year!

Want to take your start-up to the next level?