Flexible real estate is booming

With the pandemic, the switch to telework and the current labour shortage, the reality for businesses has changed a great deal. They have no choice but to adapt in order to provide a stimulating work environment. This is in addition to having to…

How to Unplug During Your Vacation

Hot summer days are finally here. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an experienced freelancer, you’ll likely take some time off in the coming weeks.

Coworking space for start-up

If your mind is percolating with innovative ideas, you’ll need to sift through and organize them to be able to take the best ones to the next level. Step out of your basement office into a coworking space that's as stimulating as your dreams for…

Coworking for the growing company

Are your employees teleworking? Gather the team for occasional in-person meetings at a Hedhofis coworking space.

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Coworking for the self-employed worker

Working from home when your kids are on school break or when you don't have enough space can be counterproductive. The solution: rent a hot desk or dedicated workstation in a shared office.