Choosing Hedhofis will give you several financial advantages

Whether you’re a business or a professional, profitability is a daily consideration. Being profitable requires controlling and even reducing your fixed costs. So, the aim is to save wherever you can. At Hedhofis, we offer a full range of collaborative and coworking spaces that will help increase your profitability.

Customized packages

Want a dedicated space for your company so that you can offer your employees a satellite office? Want to gather your team members in a collaborative space to stimulate their creativity or have access to a dedicated workstation and a conference room? Hedhofis’ different packages will meet your every need thanks to our well-equipped workspaces that provide the essentials: office furniture and supplies, computer equipment and armchairs. You can even have a virtual office that won’t cost you a fortune.

Short-term leases tailored to your activities

One of the advantages of Hedhofis’ collaborative and coworking spaces is the flexibility of the leases. Want your team members to have access to a workspace at all times, but don’t want to be bound by a five- or 10-year lease? Your business is a start-up and you only need a private office a few days a week right now? Just want to book a conference room for a day? You’ll find what you need at Hedhofis, where we offer flexible solutions tailored to you.

Significant savings

Opting for a Hedhofis coworking space will save you considerable money by letting you plan your office expenses and make regular payments. Hedhofis will give you access to a workspace whose surface area suits your or your team’s needs and can be adjusted as your business grows. By sharing common areas, like the kitchen, meeting rooms, lounges, etc., with other professionals or businesses, you share the related costs and, by the same token, reduce your fixed costs. You also share utility costs like Internet, electricity and more. It’s also often possible to share certain services, such as secretarial or accounting services. This makes it easier to reduce your costs while maximizing your profitability.

When you choose Hedhofis, you maximize the money dedicated to your workspace while enjoying considerable savings. Not only will you be more profitable, you will have greater financial leeway, allowing you to, for example, retain your employees during a labour shortage like the one we are currently experiencing.

Contact us today and we’ll help you choose your new workspace.