Coworking for the growing company

Optimize your business growth

Are your employees teleworking? Gather the team for occasional in-person meetings at a Hedhofis coworking space.

That’s what Marc-André, the president of a growing SME, did. The pandemic provided an opportunity to review his team members’ schedules and work organization and best of all, give up the costly rented office spaces that were now standing empty and unneeded.

Fostering hybrid work

Although his team members appreciate being able to telework, he still wanted to hold in-person meetings once or twice a week, to better manage the growth of his successful marketing agency. His solution was to rent shared workspaces and conference rooms at Hedhofis on a per-room basis.

This has made it possible to usher in a hybrid way of working. Once a temporary solution, telework is now part of the business continuity plan and allows Marc-André to keep growing his business while improving his employees’ quality of life.

Since his team is scattered all over the South Shore of Montréal, he decided to set up his new “base camp” at Hedhofis Brossard, a bustling central location accessible to everyone. No more travelling into Montréal and being stuck in traffic every day!

About once a week, the employees meet in their shared workspace at a time that suits everyone, in a stimulating and well-equipped setting. This decision has also made it possible for the agency to expand its territory and, in the coming weeks, will be an asset in attracting new talent.

How does it work? It’s very simple! Marc-André’s assistant rents conference rooms as needed. If the creative team wants to meet, the Chicago and Dakar rooms can comfortably seat up to four people.

To gather the entire team, he books the Tokyo room, which can hold eight people, as well as any employees or collaborators joining in via video call. As for client meetings, Marc-André holds these in a private office space, which he shares.

A cost-effective option

Marc-André has saved a significant amount of money since terminating his commercial lease. He has invested the funds in other things, like having meals prepared by a local caterer delivered to his employees, to thank them for their hard work and resilience during the pandemic. A small gesture that was appreciated by everyone, especially those balancing telework and family. The employees also save money by not having to go into the office every day.

During the weekly meetings, they’re happy to see each other and are stimulated by new ideas. It’s a way of working that suits everyone.