Coworking for the self-employed worker

Give yourself a true workspace

Working from home when your kids are on school break or when you don’t have enough space can be counterproductive. The solution: rent a hot desk or dedicated workstation in a shared office. Like Julie! Self-employed, Julie recently decided to invest time in her business and projects by renting a dedicated workstation in the new Hedhofis Sainte-Julie.

Located midway between her house and her children’s day camp, the coworking space saves her time in several ways. She runs errands on foot during her lunch hour and picks her kids up after work without having to take a detour. Hedhofis is a local resource that is very much appreciated by the young mother and entrepreneur.

A setting that sparks ideas

Ever since she made the change, Julie has been feeling more productive at work. She can think more clearly and can finally take time to ponder, flesh out and implement her ideas. Her new office space also makes it possible to hold videoconferences with her clients without the fear of being interrupted by her dog barking in the background.

A pleasant work environment

Don’t have enough space at home? Working from the kitchen table can hamper business development. Julie knows. She had to give up her office space to her eldest son this last year so he could attend school online. She ended up working from the kitchen table, next to a big pile of documents she had to move before setting the table for supper every evening. Far from ideal!

Now in a coworking space, she can thrive professionally in a pleasant, well-equipped setting. She quickly felt at ease and now calls it her “office.”

One of the many advantages Hedhofis offers is mail management. Julie has her business mail delivered to her dedicated workstation. This keeps her from losing important mail in the pile at home, in addition to keeping her personal and professional lives separate.

Better schedule management

Last but not least, Julie is able to better organize her schedule. When she gets home, she is more available to her children and enjoys family-focused evenings, playing board games and relaxing. Her daily stress has lessened considerably.

Do like Julie! Hot desks or dedicated workstations are available to entrepreneurs and the self-employed.