How to Unplug During Your Vacation

Hot summer days are finally here. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an experienced freelancer, you’ll likely take some time off in the coming weeks. Are you the type of person who checks their email even when camping in the backcountry? Let us give you a few tips on how to completely disconnect during your summer holidays.

The importance of taking time off

Before we start, let’s take a moment to remember the importance of taking time off once in a while. We know that you’re probably very busy and think taking a break is unnecessary. In fact, it’s very important. When you take time off, you give your body and mind a chance to rest. You’ll return refreshed and more productive and creative. Don’t forget that you likely decided to become an entrepreneur or a self-employed worker to improve your quality of life, not the opposite!

6 tips for unplugging during your next vacation

Our jobs have become intertwined with our daily lives. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can now work from anywhere, at any time. However, this has some downsides. Many people have trouble disconnecting from work during their vacation. What can you do to get a real break?

Prepare for your time out of the office

Many entrepreneurs worry that taking time off could negatively affect their business, thinking “What if my employees or partners need me? What if an important potential customer contacts us?” A way to prevent this is to take some steps beforehand. Notify everybody that you will be going on vacation, train a colleague or a resource person and set up an automatic email response saying that you’ll be back soon. The world won’t stop turning just because you’ve decided to take a few days off.

Disconnect from all things work

Email, laptop, smartphone… It can be very tempting to look at your messages while on vacation. Unfortunately, this will prevent you from getting the rest you need and deserve. If possible, switch off all electronic devices that connect you to your work. If you absolutely have to check your email, do it only once a day and sign out as soon as you’re done.

Don’t plan anything important for before you leave or come back

Don’t plan anything important for the day you leave or return. If you start your vacation right after a big meeting, there’s good chance you’ll keep thinking about it. Same thing for when you come back. If you have something important planned as soon as you return, you’re probably going to think about it during your time off. To increase your chances of taking a real break during your vacation, think about lightening your work load shortly before you leave and after you return.

Get outside

Nothing is better than getting some sun and vitamin D during your vacation, especially if you usually work inside, at a desk. Summer is for fun! Whether you prefer to lie on the beach or go hiking in the mountains, be sure to spend some time outside. Nature has a calming effect. The change of scenery will help you forget about work more easily than if you stay near your computer.

Don’t overplan

Another way to more easily unplug and get some rest is not to plan every minute of your time off. Leave some room for spontaneity! It can be exhausting to follow a schedule while on vacation. Keep some time free and see what you feel like doing in the moment. It might be trying a new restaurant, visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while or reading a good book on your deck.

Throw out the routine

It’s helpful to deviate from your daily routine during your vacation, especially if your routine is just eat, sleep, work, repeat. Stay in bed as long as you want, eat at irregular times, take a nap when you feel tired and stay up late. This will create a clear break between work and time off. In other words, do what you want, when you want.

In conclusion, we hope these tips will help you more easily unplug from work on your next vacation. Remember to prepare for your departure, avoid any work-related devices and go on an adventure! When you get back to work, you’ll feel ready to take on any challenges that arise.

This blog article was written by Ariane from Momenteo. Momenteo is an invoicing software made in Quebec for self-employed workers and freelancers.