Hedhofis referral program

Terms of Use 

Subject to these Terms of Use (the “Terms”), Hedhofis agrees to compensate eligible members for each Qualified Hedhofis Membership contract signed by a Qualified Referee. More information about the Hedhofis Referral Program (“Referral Program”) is given below. Referrers must accept these Terms to be eligible for a commission for the recruitment of Qualified Referees.


To participate in the Referral Program, you must be a current member of Hedhofis (“Referrer,” also “you”). 


Subject to these Terms, Referrers can receive a commission for presenting a Qualified Referee to Hedhofis. A “Qualified Referee” is any person or entity that a Referrer presents to Hedhofis via the Referral Form, leading to them signing a new “Qualified Hedhofis Membership” contract for a closed office, a dedicated workstation or a hot desk. It is understood that the commission will only be paid for an initial Qualified Hedhofis Membership. Subsequent membership contracts signed by Qualified Referees to renew a commitment period or as part of an office space extension are not eligible for a commission. 

For a membership to be considered a Qualified Hedhofis Membership, the Qualified Referree must meet the following criteria: 

  • Sign the Qualified Hedhofis Membership contract no later than 90 days after Hedhofis receives the referral; 
  • Not be a former or a current Hedhofis member; 
  • Not be: 
    • an entity of which the Referrer is an employee, a partner or a majority shareholder; 
    • a subsidiary, an affiliate company or an entity related to the Referrer or to the Referrer’s employers; 
    • an entity having the same parent company as the Referrer, the Referrer’s employer, or any affiliate company or entity related to the Referrer or to the Referrer’s employer. 
  • Keep the Qualified Hedhofis Membership in effect for at least 90 days.


Referral Form 

  • All Referrers have access to the Referral Form, which they can use to refer a potential new member wanting to sign a Qualified Hedhofis Membership contract subject to the Terms described herein. 


Note that any referrals that are incomplete or do not follow the procedures described in these Terms will be considered invalid and will not be eligible for a commission. Referrals will be accepted subject to their confirmation after approval by a member of the Hedhofis team. Hedhofis will retain the right, at all times and at its sole discretion, to grant a membership to a potential Referee presented by a Referrer. 

Hedhofis’ contact with a potential Referee 

After receiving a referral, Hedhofis will contact the potential Referee by confirming receipt of the Referral Form. 


Commissions and benefits* 

Subject to these Terms, the Referrer will be eligible to receive a commission for every membership signed by a Qualified Referee. Qualified Referees will be eligible for the New Member Benefit described below. Hedhofis reserves the right to determine eligibility for the commission and other benefits hereunder. 

Open-plan workspaces

Number of workstations

1 to 3

4 to 6

7 or more

New Member Benefit

1 free month on any commitment equal to or greater than 12 months** 

Referrer’s commission

$ 200

$ 400

$ 600

Private office

Number of memberships

1 to 5

6 to 10

11 or more

New Member Benefit

1 free month on any commitment equal to or greater than 12 months** 

Referrer’s commission

$ 300

$ 600

$ 1200

*This commission offer cannot be combined with any other offer. 

**To be eligible for one (1)free month under the Referral Program, the Qualified Referee must sign a Qualified Hedhofis Membership contract for a period of at least twelve (12)months. 

+Commissions are subject to the condition that the Qualified Referee’s Qualified Hedhofis Membership remain in effect for at least ninety (90)days. 

The Qualified Referee will be eligible for one (1) free month on a commitment period of twelve (12) or more months. Any additional free months will be added at the end of the Qualified Referee’s commitment period. 

The Referrer will receive (subject to the Qualified Referee complying with the terms concerning the minimum duration of the Qualified Hedhofis Membership of ninety [90] days), a commission based on the number of memberships the Qualified Referee takes as part of their membership contract(s), as indicated in the tables above. 

Payment of the commission 

The commission can be paid in one of two ways, at the Qualified Referrer’s choice: either applied to a rental payment following Hedhofis and the potential Referee’s signing of the contract, or as a gift card in the amount of the commission.  

Payment disputes 

Hedhofis must be notified, in writing, of any potential dispute regarding payment of the commission or any other amount owed. To do so, send an email to: [email protected] within five (5) business days of receiving a notice of payment, failing which you will be deemed to have waived any right to contest said payment(s). 

Referrer overpayment 

Should a Referrer receive a commission in excess of the amount to which they are entitled, due to miscalculation, unaccounted deductions or any other reason, they must promptly return the overpaid amount to Hedhofis, as determined by Hedhofis. If they fail to promptly return this overpayment, Hedhofis can deduct it from their future payments and can suspend or disqualify the Referrer from the Referral Program, at its sole discretion. 


A Referrer can be disqualified from the Referral Program for the following reasons: 

  • Presentation of a false referral lead; 
  • Communication of inaccurate information; 
  • Misrepresentation as to the Referrer’s relationship with a potential Referee; 
  • Presentation of a person or an entity expressly excluded from being a Qualified Referee subject to these Terms; 
  • Participation or involvement in criminal or fraudulent activities; 
  • Non-compliance with these Terms. 

A disqualified Referrer will no longer be eligible for the Referral Program and will no longer be entitled to any commission or other benefits hereunder, unless Hedhofis decides to specifically cancel such disqualification, at its sole discretion. Any disqualification is at the sole discretion of Hedhofis. In addition to disqualification from the Referral Program, Hedhofis can exercise any other rights and remedies to which it may be entitled.