The advantages of having a satellite office

What employees really hate, and consequently affects their employers, is heavy traffic, endless congestion during rush hour and even beyond peak times, and challenging road conditions during storms. When you add in roadwork, many people are seeing their patience wear thin. And that’s not even to mention the closure of half of the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel’s lanes until 2025, which promises to be a major headache for many motorists. However, there is a simple way to avoid long commutes and traffic jams: a satellite office! Learn how this option can benefit both employees and business managers.

A satellite office for employee well-being

Many will tell you: reducing the distance between home and work saves precious time. Having to travel two to three hours each day is mentally and physically exhausting. A satellite office near your employees’ homes would give them a space adapted to their needs, whether they work alone or in a team. This practical setting plus the time saved would increase efficiency and prevent the unnecessary stress of a long commute and the fear of being late due to traffic. A true plus for improving quality of life!

A satellite office for better productivity

Telework has become very popular since the pandemic. But not all employees are necessarily well-suited to this working style. Working from home requires significant discipline as distractions abound. Also, for teams, human contact is one of the key factors in achieving positive results. By making a satellite office available to employees, business managers will be offering a more conciliatory work environment while naturally optimizing productivity. It is a great compromise between travelling all the way to the head office and working remotely. One thing is for certain: it’s a good way to retain staff and potentially avoid “quiet quitting,” a phenomenon characterized by employees somewhat disengaging from their job. A satellite office can also be a way for businesses to get closer to other target markets.

The flexibility of a satellite office

Another advantage of a satellite office is that there are several options to choose from, which can cost as little as $149 a month. From a private office to a collaborative environment including a dedicated space for a company or unlimited access to our spaces, this solution can be adapted to many different needs thanks to the flexibility of the facilities. In addition, new IT tools make it possible to equip a satellite office to meet the employees’ communication needs.

Aiming first to improve employee quality of life, a satellite office has several benefits for employers. It’s a turnkey solution to save time and money, increase employee retention, create a vibrant work atmosphere and also seize an opportunity to grow the company’s sales.

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